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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you require a minimum headcount or booking cost to book a wedding?

I do not require a minimum headcount or minimum booking cost. I welcome all parties of all sizes, whether you have 15 bridesmaids or you are planning an elopement wedding, I would love to glam you up for your big day! 

How far in advance should I book for my wedding?

Weddings are booking 12-18 months in advanced. Please don't wait to book your vendors. 

Do you accept separate payments?

Payments are only accepted from you. If your family is helping to pay or your bridesmaids are all paying individually, please have them pay you and then you will pay me. 

I don't know how many people in my wedding party will want makeup services. Can I still book?

Please get a final headcount before completing your booking. I can alway try my best to add in additional services if time allows.

Will you bring a second artist with you if I have a large bridal party?

Yes, if you have a large bridal party, I will bring a second artist with me. My second artists all have a similar makeup style as me, the same sanitation practices and are artists that I trust completely! 

Will you follow the timeline of my wedding planner/photographer?

All makeup timelines are determined by me. I always try to work closely with and be respectful of photographers, wedding planners, and venue opening times, but I will provide the time needed to complete makeup services. 

Do you offer airbrush?

I only offer traditional makeup application. Through my years of experience, I have found that this works best for different skin tones, textures and maturity levels and it is more customizable.

Can I do a trial before booking? 

No, trials are a part of the bridal package and cannot be done prior to booking your bridal package. 

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